Saturday, March 14, 2015

Travel First-Aid Pouches {and Giveaway!}

You know those projects you've wanted to get around to doing for a long time, but never do?  A first-aid bag (for my purse) was one of those things for me.  With 5 little kids, everywhere we go someone is getting hurt, a splinter, a scratch, or simply in need of a little TLC.  =)

A dear friend of mine is having a birthday next week, which pushed me to make one for her... then one for me... a few for my Etsy shop (you know - while I'm at it!), and one over on my Instagram for a fun GIVEAWAY! (see bottom of this post)
(And I'm making 6 pouches, I wonder to myself: how does a person make just ONE of anything? me.)
I made up my pattern as I went along - which was frustrating while I was doing it.  But the multiple styles/sizes ended up being fun!  Sometimes when I sew I have to remind myself that "learning while doing" is a part of things, and to not let it frustrate me.  Of course, I learned a few valuable things along the way, and LOVED them once they were done. =)

These 2 styles (below) are available in my Etsy Shop (while supplies last).
But this little guy is for ONE LUCKY WINNER!   (Don't you just adore the blue lining with the little dogs?!)
- Giveaway Now Closed -
(pattern now for sale - click here)

Head on over to my Instagram account (click here to enter!) 
1- be sure you're following me,
2- tag as many friends as you want! 
One lucky winner will be picked this Sunday (3/15/15) at 6pm Mountain Time.
Good luck!

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