Tuesday, October 9, 2012

:: Loss and Gratitude

This past weekend was cold, very cold.  But oh so cozy inside. 
So delicious to slow down and relax.  Rest, soaking into these bodies of ours, like a big exhale.

However, our children experienced true loss for the very first time.  One of our sweet kittens had a terrible accident.  We tried to nurse her back to health, but the next day she died. 
Immediately after hearing the news, our oldest son set to work, constructing a cross to mark her grave.  Each of us wrote something we liked about her and signed our names,
my man finished it off, and we were ready.

We headed out into the cold. 
The first snow flurries of the season swirled around us.  It was very fitting...for a kitten funeral.

Loss is hard.  But what a beautiful and wonderful way to learn it.  To see love and sorrow not need to be taught to little children, but to flow naturally.  And such a gentle and wonderful reminder of how thankful we should be for each day we have with those we love.  Realizing that each day is not owed us, but a most precious gift from God.

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