Thursday, March 24, 2016

Barn Quilts

Lucky in Hazy Skies
Have you ever seen a Barn Quilt?  They're really popular out on the east coast where I grew up.  It's basically a huge quilt block, painted onto a massive piece of wood - like 8' x 8' - and meant to be hung on the side of a barn.
Ohio Star in Black
Flying Geese in Aqua
Sara, a very talented friend of mine, made a small one a few months back, and I was completely smitten.  I was dying for one.  So I called her up one day and she gave me a few tips to get started.  I made one, and it was love, pure and simple. 

So then I had this crazy idea:  I should make them to sell - as indoor decor.  Because if I had wanted one that badly, I figured there might be a few quilters out there who would love one as well. 
( see... besides being terribly cute, I had this extra motivation:  We've been living on sub-floors for the past 5 years, and I'm truly desperate to earn some extra money for wood flooring.  =)  So I figured it might be worth a try.)
Gold Rush in Gold Shimmer
Last friday I had my first flash sale over in my Etsy Shop, and in a matter of 10 hours I had as many orders as I could fill in a month!  It was crazy.
(picture from this past sale)
I'm pretty much in-love with these Barn Quilts.  And it seems like a lot of other quilters are too! 
Each Barn Quilt is 11" x 11", and though solid wood, is lightweight enough to hang on a wall, or prop up on a shelf. 
There are 4 different styles:
1 - Lucky
2 - Flying Geese
3 - Ohio Star
4 - Gold Rush
And 6 different color options:
1 - Navy Blue
2 - Hazy Skies
3 - Gray Smoke
4 - Gold Shimmer
5 - Aqua
6 - Classic Black
And then you get to choose if you want a natural edge, or stained.  It's pretty fun stuff!
They are sold as individual Barn Quilts, or in Sets of 3 or 4.
(set of 3)
(set of 4)
Lucky in Navy
I'm doing the hustle over here to get all these blessed orders filled, and I'm loving it.  And I already can't wait for next month.

My next Flash Sale is 4/15 @ 5pm (MST) over in my Etsy Shop (here). 
Listings will go live right at 5pm, and I will be taking a limited number of orders, so if you're thinking you might want one (or four!), be sure and mark your calendar so you don't miss out.  
They go fast!

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  1. Hi Julia, I am wanting to create one of these for my home. Any tips? So you use a cutting machine or do you just pencil and tape them? Yours are so beautiful :) Thank you!


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