Thursday, September 20, 2012

:: Hanging like plates

The very first time we walked through the front doors of this house for a showing, I admired the curved staircase.  Visions instantly filling my mind: each of my 3 daughters taking their turn, misty white gown flowing behind them, descending those stairs on the arm of their father.

However, the honemoon ended after we moved in and I tried to decorate that space.  What can you hang on a curved wall?  Not much.  I filled many nail holes as I discovered this fact.

(inspiration photo)

But thanks to pinterest... an idea began to form.  Not only was this new idea vintage looking, it fit our (non-existant) decorating budget.

I found the most awesome plate hangers at hobby lobby.  They come in different sizes, but the 3" size that I used were only $1.99 (and I used my 40% coupon on several visits).  SOOO much better than the metal stretchy ones (which I did use for the biggest plates, as the DISC hangers can be kinda pricey for the large size).

(thrift store plates, collected over the weeks)

It was harder than I thought, hanging these innocent-looking plates.  The hanging was easy enough.  Nail a hole and hang the things.  But at first, it looked like a wave of plates had hit my wall. So I tried moving them around, and they looked even worse.  (if you look closely, you can see some of the holes I had to fill)

My man would never want to admit it, but he really has an eye.  He came home from work, I sheepishly filled all the holes, and we started over. 

(lampshade from

Now I love walking through my front door.  =)

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