Thursday, January 15, 2015

Baby Quilts

This past week I added a few Crib Quilts to my Etsy shop, and gifted one to a friend of mine who just had a baby.  It felt good to finish up a few things.  And looking at all these quilts, it's is impossible for me to choose a favorite out of the bunch. 
This first black PLUS quilt is backed in a large-scale floral, and is the perfect combination of modern meets romantic, making it simple and timeless.
I especially love this next one.  The color of the backing is fabulous.  It's an amazing tangerine color, from the fabric line Wee Wander (called Summer Ride in Melon) and is covered in whimsical dancing horses and little girl riders. 
Gray PLUS quilts have such a soft look to them.  Especially this one, with it's powder blue backing fabric - full of all the things little boys love: trees, puppy dogs, and swings.
And for my friend's baby (they named her Penelope Jane - isn't the that sweetest?), I switched things up a little.  Still the classic black and white PLUS front, but with a super delicate powder blue polka-dot on the back, and a bold splash of Miss Kate red scallops for the binding.
So that's what I've been working on lately.  And boy does it feel good to finish things up and get to mark them off my {long} list. How about you?


  1. I love your baby Plus quilts, Julia! That black and white striped binding is perfection. What am I working on? A black baby quilt as well! Small world, right? And here I hesitated about using black in a baby quilt. Your backing fabrics are great, as well. In fact, I need to make a mental note that when I fall in love with a fabric like that, I should buy enough for a quilt backing rather than just half a yard for the stash. It's so much easier to pull solid and textured solids for the pieced quilt top that go with the print backing, rather than trying to find the perfect print backing to go with the quilt top that you already finished with no backing in mind. That's why I always end up with such boring backing fabrics. Congratulations on your lovely finishes!

    1. You are too funny. I wish I could see your baby quilt. Why is it that we hesitate to use black in baby quilts? I guess it seems rather stark by itself, but once it's paired with a soft backing it completely changes the look, doesn't it? I need to get better about buying larger cuts of great fabrics myself! Usually I'm like you - by the time it comes around to buying the backing, I just want to hurry up and get er done! These quilts I started out picking the backing, and worked in reverse. =)

  2. Oh these are darling! I stopped by as I just got the message we are in Faith Circle together!! yay! Anyway, I love these simple and sweet baby quilts - and what a perfect binding!


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