Monday, January 6, 2014

:: weekend

I know it's been a while since I've written on this blog of mine.  That usually happens whenever I am up to my eyes in projects and keeping everything else going.  But boy has has it been fun!  Now that Christmas is over, things have slowed down a bit and I have so much I'd like to write about and show you.
But first things first - it seemed appropriate to share a few of these snowy pictures from our cold weekend.  We enjoyed talking and relaxing by the warm fire, but were also driven (by our children's energy levels) out to do some snow shoveling, hauling up firewood, and also fun. 
 At this point, fingers and cheeks were freezing, and children began heading indoors.
(funny fact:  I have no idea how these snowflakes started moving or how to make them stop!  I guess my photo uploading software noticed the flakes in the picture and automatically added them - haha!)
Jack and Ellie did a lot of whittling and carving by the fireside, too.  We had wood shavings everywhere (yes - everywhere), but it provided hours of creative entertainment.
A few weeks ago my Mom suggested setting this little man on the counter beside me while I work or cook in the kitchen.  She said she did that with us kids when we were little.  And from the first time I lifted him up, we've never gone back.  It's been a lifesaver - he's happy to be near me and able to see what's going on, and I'm able to get things done without him holding onto my legs and fussing.  Don't know why I didn't think of it myself - and I'm so thankful for others who give pointers along the way.
 Overall - it was a great weekend: warm - cold - AND I began my January de-cluttering, and boy does it feel good! (more on that later).


  1. Looks like you all had a great snow day. My little guy (many, many years ago) used to sit and "help" me in the kitchen too. You will have many wonderful memories from your little helper. :-)

  2. I love these photos! Snow days are so much more fun with kids around :)


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