Monday, July 22, 2013

:: Getting around to it

I might have mentioned I've been doing a lot of painting lately: wall painting.  And now I'm starting in on all those pieces of furniture that have been needing redone forever.  Girl 1 and girl 2 just got a white wood bunk-bed to share, which was just the push I needed to paint girl 3's bed. 
I started by giving it a light sand.
After I dusted it off, I primed first in the cracks, and then (because I was feeling lazy) I just used the brush to paint primer on the flat areas too (rather than dirty a roller for such a small amount of flat surface).
After the primer dried, I used Home Depot's Ultra Pure White in semi-gloss (to match the bunk-beds), and finished it off with 2 coats, letting it dry between.
Definitely more feminine for a little girl.  Now she just needs her quilt.


  1. Looks beautiful, Julia! I'm trying to work up the ambition to do a bunch of painting too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Chica I had to laugh that this post included the phrase, "because I was feeling lazy...". That has never once described you or your projects! This one looks fantastic, all those little ladies must love their "new" beds!!


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