Wednesday, April 17, 2013

:: More Farmer's Wife, set 4

Yes, I've been doing more farming. That is - making more of those cute 6" Farmer's Wife blocks. And this mess of cheerful looking fabrics is the pile I pull from, when picking fabrics for each block. I keep telling the husband that someday the top of my dresser will always will not be covered in heaps of fabric. =)
I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but this has become quite a relaxing evening activity for me. After the house is quiet, I love putting on my slippers and pj's, gathering all my cutting supplies, and finding a spot beside the husband. Then no matter what he is doing, I'm with him, yet staying busy.  Picking which fabrics to use and then cutting them out is the most time-consuming part for me.  I was especially slow at first because I tend to over-think fabric combinations. (thank God I learned to cut them out with a rotary cutter from Camille, which really helps.) Sewing them together is the fast part.

Block 29: Economy
Block 63: Ozark Maple Leaf   (I switched this one up a little)
Block 52: Hovering Hawks
Block 58: Mother's Dream
Block 30: End of Day
Block 49: Honeycomb
Block 50: Honey's Choice
Block 31: Evening Star
Block 44: Gentleman's Fancy
Block 69: Practical Orchard
I really should be working on my quilts for the girls, but sometimes it's just nice to sew for no specific reason at all.


  1. I love your color choices, and now I know why FWQ is so addicting.

    1. Thanks Teresa. I saw your first blocks - they look great!


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