Thursday, January 24, 2013

:: Life on subfloors

We take a break from the Handmade series, to give you:  Subfloors.  Painted.
As many of you know, I currently live on subfloors.  In our house, we haven't had money to put in nice flooring yet, so we have opted to live on painted subfloors (as least you can mop them and get them clean!) rather than nasty dinning room carpet.
A few months ago, one day while my man was at work, I decided the carpet in our master bathroom had to go. I enlisted the help of my 2 oldest children, and that carpet was history. Gone. (And nope, I didn't call Josh first. Better to let him find out once the deed's been done!) The kids helped me pull up all the tack strips, as well as all the staples used to hold down the padding. But that's as far as we got that day, and I never got around to painting it.
This past weekend I gave my dinning room floors a fresh coat of paint.

 ...and was motivated to prime and paint the bathroom while I was on a roll.

please excuse the Insta photo
The weather was beautiful, the older kids played outside, and Blaize sat beside me, chewing on whatever he could find.  (the strings on my shirt... a fingernail polish bottle...)

...the Sam's club pack of toilet paper.  Yeah.

I buy a few gallons of "oops" (mis-tinted) paint at Home Depot, mix them all together, and that's the color we get.  Very cost effective that way. 

Watch out!  You may just want to give it a try. It's addicting.  =)

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